I got into Dexter the summer after college graduation, when I wasn’t yet working and hadn’t yet learned that if you don’t do anything during the day you won’t be able to sleep come nightfall. So I spent night after night sitting at the dining room table, devouring the three then-existent seasons in short order. If the quality of those episodes seemed to decline, it was nothing compared to what would even happen down the road. (Fortunately, by the time the show ended in 2013, the excellent Hannibal was already in place to take up the admirable-serial-killer mantle, however briefly.) But one thing no one can take from Dexter is the perfection of its opening sequence: thoroughly creepy in an unheimlich sort of way, the mix of music and images are inexplicably unsettling, though the character does nothing more sinister than perform his morning routine. Nor can I thank this the folks at Digital Kitchen enough for showing me the wisdom of putting hot sauce on one’s eggs.

“Dexter” theme written by Rolfe Kent.

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