All over the world, this past week was a tense one. People everywhere faced the same fears about an uncertain future: Will Sherlock return, in the form we’ve come to know and love – or at least a suitably recognizable format – in our lifetimes?

Sure, Sherlock has its flaws – for one, it’s not really a detective show, since much of the sleuthing takes place in the character’s head and not on-screen for the benefit of the viewer. But the show’s misses are as nothing when compared to its hits, and the tightly written scripts, easy chemistry of the cast, and overall sense of playfulness are a breath of fresh air in a viewing landscape where Great Television™ usually ends up looking like Westworld or The Walking Dead (though I do also enjoy The Walking Dead rather a lot). Plus, it’s nice that a nontraditional detective series brought back the longform Colombo format. (Colombo, too, was pretty nontraditional for the genre, an inverted “howcatchem” show rather than a “whodunit.”) The musical cues throughout Sherlock are just as much a part of the program’s charm, and, in addition to the show’s opening titles, the distinctive, quizzical “The Game Is On” theme remains a particular favorite. A recording of that might also end up somewhere on this blog.

In the recording of this song, which was made on Inauguration Day, the nut on my guitar broke. Whether this is some kind of omen, I cannot currently say.

“Sherlock” theme written by David Arnold and Michael Price.


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